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Happy Holidays

This particular drawing requires a bit of background:

As is a yearly custom, the whole family gathers at the Manse in Connecticut for a Thanksgiving feast to rival that of The Last Supper, to catch up, to see the cousins, to play a little football, to drink, and to regale each other with tales of college life, hometown news, momentous updates, and of days gone by.

I was but a wee young lad at the time and it was decided by the parentals that everyone would see the Rockettes in The Radio City Christmas Spectacular the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We all boarded MetroNorth, took our seats, and began the gentle hour-long journey towards the city. During the ride, a bevy of curious gentlemen hoarded the area nearest the doors. At first it wasn't apparent what was going on, but it soon became quite clear. Behind the acrylic weather screen this rotating group of gentleman could be seen peering towards the nearest grouping of four seats.

On one of the seats facing forward, a woman in a skirt perched herself ever so...carefully. With one foot rooted firmly to the floor and the other resting on the edge of the seats facing backwards, she twirled her hair, looked out the window and knowingly allowed the entire world (or at least all the men on this car) to see her lady parts.

One might say she was spreading some holiday cheer...


The "Will You Go to the Company Christmas Party with Me?" Card

Dear Brittany,

I think you're the most beautiful girl in the world.
Will you go the EYP Christmas Party with me?


P.S. I think we look a lot better than this couple...


Burrito Badness

A diagramatic explanation why I will not eat burritos at Qdoba.

The "I'm Sorry You Lost Your Job" Card

Dave was let go...practically his whole office, in fact. I immediately asked his gf two thigs: one, who he worked for (Bury + Partners) and two, what are a few of his favorite things (Michael Jackson, Monkeys and Cheese)